Petrol prices are sky rocketing. Does this leave you with Diesel as the only economical option? NO! Times have changed! Presenting the new age car fuel alternatives – CNG and LPG; apart from being lighter on your pocket, these options are also environment-friendly.

Team-BHP explains the pros and cons of each fuel, as also about the issue as a whole.

Why opt for Gas?
  • Lowest running costs (compared to other fuel alternatives like diesel)
  • Cleaner emissions
  • Better resale value (in the case of factory-fitted kits only)
  • Complete manufacturer-support available
  • Any time switch over to petrol is possible

Factors that may hold you back:
  • Initial investment in setup
  • Reduced boot space
  • Compromised power delivery
  • Limited availability (compared to petrol and diesel). Few highways have consistent supplies. Also, some towns may not have any supply at all.
  • Longer waits at the fuel pump

Are Natural Gas powered vehicles safe?
Natural Gas is an ideal fuel source for many reasons, including safety. Natural Gas is lighter than air. This means that it will not puddle (like petrol) which is heavier than air. Instead, Natural Gas will rise and dissipate in the atmosphere. Natural gas also has a higher ignition temperature. This means that it is much harder to ignite. Also the storage systems used for CNG and LPG are stronger than the petrol tanks found on cars and trucks today.



Compressed Natural Gas is a domestically available, economical, Clean burning, alternative fuel source for vehicles. LPG or Liquefied Petrolium Gas is a hydrocarbon fuel, lighter than petrolium that can be used as an automative fuel.
Higher Initial Investment Higher Initial Investment
Lower Running Costs Lower Running Costs
Lesser Power Delivery Increased Power Delivery
Lesser Tune-Ups Required More Refined
Bulkier Heavier Storage Tanks Smaller & Lighter Storage Tanks
Limited Availability Far Better Availability
No Carbon Deposits = Fewer Oil Changes Cleaner Emissions
Safer : It is lighter and has a higher ignition temp Heavier & Has a lower ignition temperature
More popular with commercial vehicles More popular with private vehicles

Want to switch? Here’s what you should do:
Consult the professionals at authorized high-quality service stations for the correct advice. Agreeably, this may cost you about 20% higher compared to your local unauthorized service station. But compared to the authenticity of the advice, reliability of the fittings and efficiency of the system, this price differential is well worth it. Team-BHP recommends only manufacturer-fitted kits or those from authorized service stations. Also, Please strictly AVOID the illegal LPG domestic-cylinder conversions.

Remember to:
  • Endorse your registration certificate accordingly.
  • Notify your insurance company. The premium may also go up marginally.
  • If yours is a brand new car, you may stand to lose warranty coverage (even if the fitting is from an authorised service station).